Missing Classmates
Though we have tried very hard to obtain everyone's addresses, there are some that we are still not sure of and others that we were unable to find. If you have any information on the following classmates, please contact us by e-mail at ehsclassof1970@gmail.com  Thank you very much!

Dona Leigh Anderson (Henzel)

Kristie Kay Ansnes

Charles Norris Blasingame

Joyce Diana Brown

Ronalda G. Clark

Jack Allen Cole

Anne Contreras

Carol Ann Crossman

Rachael Marie Curtis (Graybill)

Robert Dusten Duncan

Debora L. Helderman

Lynn Marie Johnson

Verna D. Moore

Gynean Murphy

Patrick A. Murphy

Delgandina Maria Palacios

Kathleen Lee Quiroz

Marc Franklin Ramirez

Ellen Marie Reed (Lewis)

James Arthur Reed

Rebecca Ross Reed (Espipia)

Alora Lisa Rusak

Suesen Rychlik (Phelps)

Richard Stewart Smith

Ronald R. Weaver

Kelly C. Williams

Michael Bennett Williams

Linda Diane Wilson

William R. Wiltfong