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Debra Willems (Scott)
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May 16, 1952 RN Married 2

I had no idea what a  gift life would be when we graduated 40 years ago. I married Faron Reed right out of high school and we had 2 great kids--Jeremy (now 38) and Amy (now 35). We lived in Hawaii for about 7 years and then returned to California.  I went back to school and got my bachelors ('85) and masters ('94) degrees in nursing and have had great fun being a psychiatric nurse, both in administration and private practice. For the past 15 years I have worked for the Nevada Board of Nursing, the last 8 as their executive director.

I was single for a couple of years and in 1993, married my best friend, John. We moved to Nevada to seek our fortune and found a new home. We enjoy our grown up kids (he has 2, too) and my 5 grandbabies--ages 5 to 10.  No one ever told me that I could love anyone more than my 2, but grandkids (2 girls and 3 boys) steal your heart and make life even better. 

I look forward to seeing all of you and spending some time in Eureka. Go Loggers!!!

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Darrell Sedersten
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July 29, 1952 teacher Married 1
So forty years have flown by.  After leaving Eureka in 1983 for Colorado to pursue my doctorate in Kinesiology at U of Northern Colorado, I managed to become a  successful college professor and college volleyball coach.  I have been able to travel and teach all around the US in higher education, and my coaching even lead to a couple of tours with teams, one in the Netherlands and one in Australia.  As they draped a silver medal around my neck at the Arafura Games in Australia, I remember thinking "what's a Humboldt County kid doing here?!"  I've sinced moved back to Colorado where I still teach and fly fish and ski.  I look forward to getting back and seeing everyone, as I missed our 30th reunion.  Boy, are we all older than dirt!
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Gary Stromberg
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May 23, 1952 Physician Married 2
lived in Chico and worked as a radiologist since 1982. My wife, Marie-Pierre, and I have 2 boys. Morgan lives in LA and has gone back to school to be a teacher, Tristan is a senior at UCLA, but presently studying in France. My mom still lives in our childhood house on D street and we always enjoy visiting the ol' home town and especially for the reunion. Send Gary a MessageSend Gary a Message
Chris Colivas (Titus)
March 12, 1952 Educator Married 2
Hi everybody,  I'm still in Eureka and plan to stay here.  I went to College at San Jose State and returned after graduation.  I am the Child Development Director at Northcoast Children's Services.  We serve over 1000 children and families in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties through Head Start and State Preschool Programs. 
I have also taught Child Development Classes at College of the Redwoods, part time, since 1979.  My work is very rewarding although Ron and I plan to retire in 3 years.  We have 2 grown sons - boo hoo - no grandchildren only 3 dogs and a cat.  I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the reunion.  If you can't make it please keep in touch so we can find you again in five to ten years for the next reunion. 
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Ken Younger
December 19, 1951 Finance Director Married 2
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Cherie LeRoy (Zygaczenko)
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January 23, 1952 Student Services Guidance Technician Married 2
Hello everyone!
Wow--did we have a good time or what? The 40-Year Icebreaker & Reunion was SO much fun and it was really, really good to see so many classmates again. Sorry I didn't get around to say Hi! to all of you.
In case you were wondering, our classmates can still move out there on the dance floor, esp. groovin' to the tunes of the incredible Merv George. He's still got it, too!
We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as the reunion committee did. We're looking forward to "partying" again in 5 years! Stay in touch, Loggers, whether you were able to make it for the festivities or not, ok?
ps...The "before" photo is from our 20-Year Class Reunion in 1990--Christiane McCarthy on left, Debbie Willems on right.
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