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Pam Lovfald (Gosselin)
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August 21, 1952 Administrative Assistant Single 2
Hi Everyone! Wow, can you believe we are a few years shy of 60? Where have the years gone? I remember my "Nanny" wearing hairnets and corsets when she was our age!Times have changed! Let's see, after the 30th,I moved to Fortuna, broke off engagment, took care of my parents & eventually lost my Mom, sister, & my beloved Dad~ tough times- BUT, I also became "Grammy Pammy" so lots of happiness was sprinkled in!  My three, dear grandkids (6, 5, & 15 mos) live in Petaluma. I love being "MiMi"!  My grandson, Dominic(6), was born with Downs Syndrome &, I tell you, I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love him!  He melts my heart. (I'm an advocate to rid our language of the "R" word- please join me, it's so very, very hurtful.) My 2 beautiful granddaughters, Julia and Chiara, are so cute & smart & definately give my daughter a run for her money!  What do they say about payback??I'm  still at the HC Office of Ed (19 yrs) & most times, when I'm not at work, I'm working around my house.  My dream for the future is to have a wonderful man come into my life and, together, RV around this awesome country of ours.  My second dream, which has more of a chance of coming true, is to move closer to my son, Chad, in Redding or my daughter, Angie, in Petaluma. I really miss not having family close by.   I sure hope you all will post a  pix and  a bit or a lot about yourself on this site- it's a great way to reconnect prior to Oct.  Looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you (I hope) at both the ice breaker and reunion.    See you soon!!  Send Pam a MessageSend Pam a Message
Christiane McCarthy (Gotter)
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August 19, 1952 pharmacist Married 5
 Wow, it sure is amazing how FAST 40 years can fly by!  I graduated from Oregon State University (Go Beavers!) with a degree in Pharmacy and ended up staying in Oregon. I took a year of graduate school at Multnomah School of the Bible.  Married to Scott, a firefighter paramedic for the City of Portland for 30 years. We have 5 kids - Steven was in the Air Force (with stints in Saudi Arabia and Iraq) and is now living at home and going to George Fox Univ studying to be a high school teacher, Molly went to the Coast Guard Academy and is stationed in Long Beach, CA (and has decided she LOVES living in Southern Calif...darn!), Spencer is living in Astoria, OR and is the brewmaster for Ft. George Brewery (the perfect job he says!), Ginny graduated from HS and is living at home with her little dog, Junior, and Rosie is a Junior in High School.  So here I am, 40 years out of high school with three kids still at home! I worked for Providence St Vincent Hospital as a clinical pharmacist for 33 years, took a year off and did relief pharmacy work and now am working for Providence Health Plan (one of those evil insurance companies) as a medical reviewer.  We live in the country outside Portland on 30 acres of the finest hillside and swamp around. We have 4 dogs, 4 cats and one lonely goldfish. It's a busy life and a really good one. Send Christiane a MessageSend Christiane a Message
Laurie Grushkin (Hanna)
April 28, 1952 Real Estate Broker Single Again 1
Hello to all classmates of 1970.  I look forward to seeing you at the 40th year reunion in October.  I will be puting a picture on this site very soon.  I welcome all your messages and would love to hear from you all.
All my best, Laurie (Grushkin) Hanna
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Dave Hicks Supervisor at PG&E 4

Wow 40 years. What will the next 40 bring us.
Still working and enjoying it.  

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Debra Felthauser (Jack)
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September 20, 1952 Business Owner - software Divorced 1
It's been a good ride!  I've been able to travel to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii and all around the country.  I've enjoyed working and currently hoping to be at the last couple inches of the "work" yardstick!   

I was married for quite some time, had one daughter (she is 37) who now has 2 children and growing quickly (17 & 14).  They live in Eureka, but I maintain my home in Reno. 

I did make it back to graduate from HSU in 1990 with a Bachelor's in Business.   I've enjoyed whitewater rafting and snow skiing here for 20 years -- my passions.  I'll be driving my RV to the reunion.  We just fnished a ten day whitewater rafting on Green River in Utah. 

I am looking forward to seeing many of you who I have not seen for 50 years.  Life's good and can't wait to share and have some good laughs.   
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Deb HA-HA !!!!!! (Klingel)
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February 11, 1952 Landscaper/Writer Single Again 1
Howdy, howdy, howdy! Geez, 40 years!! Can you believe it? I have missed the good ole days. We are going to have such a great time-looking back, sharing our lives, and laughing. As you know, I love to joke and make people laugh. That has not changed in my life. Remember the class picnic? That was a great time we had. I am looking forward to our time together. I wonder if anyone will recognize me? I haven't had a face lift or a tummy tuck so it may be frightening to some. HA! I have been around the block more than once, so I will save my stories to share in person. I do love my landscaping and working in the yard. I am writing childrens books and articles for magazines. My current book (in the works) is "Jelly Bean Green Thing". I just returned to Eureka in 2008. Been running around for 40 yrs., my heart is here. I could go on and on but will spare the details. Love you people. Peace, happiness, good health, and God bless. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Take care and always take the time for a good laugh.
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Gilbert Mott
May 11, 1952 Substitute Teacher Married 2
I have lived in the bay area for most of the time over the past forty years and spent most of that time in various management postitions in retail, wholesale, and transportation jobs.  For the past five years I have be substitute teaching and loving it.  I have been married for 29 years to my wife, Yvonne (30 years on Valentines Day 2011).  We have two children; Regina, 28, and Gilbert (JR), 26.  Both of our children live locally and we see them often.  Our grandson, Zion, is four and has been the joy of our lives for that long.  Our daughter is due next month with baby Zoe so we will have the pleasure of spoiling a girl too.  I am an avid reader (mostly murder mysteries) and occasional writer (finished my first novel a few years ago but haven't been able to publish it yet).  Since my mom passed away in 1995 we don't get up to Eureka very often but hope to be able to attend the reunion. Send Gilbert a MessageSend Gilbert a Message
Bill Nash
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April 19, 1952 Retired Educator/ Commercial Fisherman Married 4
Hello everyone,
Its really been fun looking at names and bios on this site as I, and probably most of you, blazed on to life after highschool without a backward glance. EHS provided a good foundation to face the future.   

A sincere greeting to those I knew in EHS football, choir and various church related activities.  Good memories!!

I will not be attending, as Hawaii and a 7 month granddaughter provide a difficult choice.  Okay, not so difficult.  God Bless you all and enjoy the reunion.  Bill
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Suesen Rychlik (Phelps)
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March 13, 1951 Admin. Assistant Married 3
Gosh 40 years. How can that be and where has the years gone. I have not made it to any of our reunions but I am always interested in my class mates mostly trying to remember everyone and wondering if anyone even remembers me.

Right after high school I married a Arcata boy, Bucky Phelps. We live in Fieldbrook for about 10 years and we had 3 sons. Then one day we up and moved to Northwest Texas.  Thanks to the Redwood park program.  We found this county ruff but the hearts of the Texans to be warm and opened. And they took us in as their own. So we have stayed here for 30 year. We live in a very small town of about 900 and live about 80 from Lubbock TX. Being in a small town ment my boys got to play in all the sports THEY chose to play in. AND Texas loves their football. 

I got to be  a stay at home mom until my baby was about 8. Then I started working here and there until in 1992 I went back to school and started working in Home Health . I found this is my calling. For I am a born caregiver. I have done so many different jobs in home health field. All for the same company. With this  angency I have really gotten a real education. I started out a a Certified Nurses Aide . Then we open a office in this area and was office manager.(I didn't like that, found I am a real people person) so I start my career of Auditing Charts and working in the field part time. Then they needed a Sales Excutive in this area  and they asked me to do it. So I did.  Again, I learn so much and met a lot of people.  But it was not my nitch. I did that for 3 year.  Recently they asked my to come back to the offic and back to the auditing (check-point) and I am hoping at my age I am there until I retire. 

I have 3 Grand kids. 2 live in Arcata. My oldest son lives out there We don't get to see them but rarely   and then 1 grand daughter that lives in Lubbock. We have two of my son's live in Lubbock. So I get to see them often.

We recently move to our retirement home which is on the Golf course here in our little town.  We have made some really deep roots here and love it here, I will always miss the beauty of the North West Coast. I miss the mountains, the ocean and the smell of walking through the woods.
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Patrick Pine
November 21, 1951 or Benefits Manager Married 2
After graduation I went to Willamette University, Salem OR and received a Bachelors degree and then on to a graduate administration program and received an MBA.  Interned for legislators while in college.  Met my wife in Salem while in graduate school - we married in 1976.  Worked for Governor of Oregon and then later moved to Nevada where i was budget director for Clark County (Las Vegas) and also worked for Governor Bryan of Nevada and ran the Las Vegas Valley Water District.   My wife was a legal secretary in Oregon and Nevada during these years but took a break when oiur second child was born in 1984.  Both daughters, Courtney, born 1981 and Kelsey, born 1984, were born in Las Vegas.  We returned to Oregon in 1989 - partly because my mother-in-law's health was fading - and I worked in the Oregon Legislature and then managed finances for a large suburban utility district west of Portland.  My wife resumed legal secretarial work for firms in the greater Portland area.  In late 90s a college friend had become CEO of adidas America and recruited me to manage employee benefits for that organization.  Later I managed benefits for a large steel company based in Portland, and worked for a third party administrator of union trust benefit plans.  I was recruited to work for Providence Health and Services, a large Catholic hospital and health services provider, to run benefits for the Washington/Montana Region.  After a massive layoff I relocated to the Twin Cities in Minnesota to work for a third party administrator of benefits.
I was asked to run a union benefit trust for the United Farm Workers based near Bakersfield last spring via a connection with the firm in Minnesota and have become the chief administrator of a health and a pension trust.

Our daughter Courtey is married and the mother of our only grandchild, a 2 and 1/2 year old boy, and they live in Eugene OR.   Our daughter, Kelsey, is development director for a nonprofit group assisting victims of domestic abuse, in Portland OR..  Kelsey is in a multiple year relationship with a young man and they reside in Vancouver WA.

I have dabbled in golf.  My wife is now enjoying a respite from work and has enjoyed our travels recently associated with my new job.

I have been back to Eureka for the 30th reunion and only one other time before that so - this will be my third visit to Eureka in 40 years  We are excited to be coming back to a beautiful area.
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