Reunion Photo Update:
We are pleased to inform you that our reunion photos are now available! You will have an option to view and/or purchase professional photos. Candid photos from classmates will also be posted for viewing and downloading. 
* The group photo and candid shots from our reunion taken by  photographer, Mark McKenna, can be viewed and purchased from the following website link: 

EHS Class of 1970 Reunion - Mark McKenna | Photojournalist | Event Photographer (

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Have times ever changed!
Have times ever changed!
Please, if you have any pictures you'd like to share, feel free to upload them in the albums below.  Pictures of family, schools days, etc. or if you took pictures at the Ice Breaker or Reunion. It is very simple and fast to upload~~just follow the instructions. Thank you!


40 Year Icebreaker

Oh my gosh, we can't believe all the work is done and it's "Party Time!" We hope you all had as good of a time as we committee members did. Great to see such a terrific turnout for both nights. Thanks to Val Arizzi for taking the lead in getting all the great snacks for the Ice Breaker-they were delicious!! Pam has posted two albums of pictures taken with her camera at the Ice Breaker. If you have some you'd like to share with everyone, please upload them to Album #2. If that album becomes full, you can create another album. If you have problems doing so, just let us know and we will create it. Thank you!!!

40 year Ice Breaker Album2

Check out what a fun time everyone had!   Please upload any pictures you may have taken at the Ice Breaker.  We'd love to see them!!
Mr and Mrs Dave Hicks

40 Year Class Reunion

 The Eureka High School Class of 1970
"Forty Years Later"
October 16, 2010
Eureka Elks Lodge

So many classmates and guests that it was difficult to get around and say hello to everyone!! The evening started with cocktails and a great group photo taken by Carol and Dick Schneider's daughter, Marni Schneider. Afterwards, we all found places at the 23 tables and dined on our choice of prime rib, chicken or pasta, and cheesecake for dessert. While dining, our very own former DJ turned Sonoma County Correctional Officer, Dan Hoff, entertained us with a program that included a moment of silence for all those who have gone before us (may their souls be at peace), along with some interesting facts about some of our classmates and a bit of trivia! At 8:30, still as awesome as ever, MERV GEORGE rocked the house and gave us a chance to prove that "we still have it" (although some of us needed Aleve for the aches and pains the next morning!) As the backdrop for the entire evening, pictures from our past and present (including the Ice Breaker the night before) were projected onto the big screen via PhotoStory--thanks to Teri McKnight Langs and Pam G. for all the long hours spent in putting that together!!!  Those of you who couldn't attend, we missed you and hope that you will be with us next time! See you in another five years, if not before!!

40-Year Reunion Album #2

Please, everyone who took pictures on Satuday night at the reunion, share them with us by uploading to this album. It's a simple process. If you have any problems, just let us know and we'll be happy to help you!! Email us at


40 Year Reunion Album #3

This album is for anyone who has reunion pictures they'd like to share with us!


A great time was had by all! We packed BC's with not only our classmates, but with friends from other classes who heard we'd all be there! Plans are to hold our 40th Reunion Ice Breaker at the same place, only now, it's under new ownership and is called Steve and Dave's. We're sure that it will be just as much fun as the 30th!!!



Our 30th Class Reunion was held at the Eureka Inn. We were happy to have our special guests, Mr. Haven Howatt, Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Cobine, Ms. Liz Parrott, Mr. Ralph Buerer & Mr. Louis Weischefelder (please, someone help with the spelling) join us for dinner. Afterwards, our MC's Janet Tatka Smith & Steve Cobine did an award presentation. Then The Burly Man (aka Dana Hall) took over and we rocked the Inn!!  What fun we had!  Looking forward to having an even better time at the 40th!!  Let's see if we still have some rock & roll left in us as MERV GEORGE brings back memories of the "good ole days"!

Here we are in 1980!

Some of you may not have received the picture memory book from 1980--boy, has a lot has changed!! Wonder how many divorces, marriages, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, relocations, career changes, and, sadly, deaths.  Don't forget to go to EHS Class Mates page and load up a recent pix and an update about what you've been doing since we graduated!   
1946 Aerial View of EHS

Photos from the Past

This is an open album for anyone who has pictures of the past 40+ years they'd like to share! Come on, dig through those albums or boxes and post some pictures that will trigger all of our memories!